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A huge thank you to Cr Tim McMahon and his colleagues, from Toowoomba Region Council, for meeting with Association representatives. We were able to discuss our submission regarding recognition of Assistance Dogs certified under the DDA1992. We advocated for all Self Training Handlers, not just our own PAD Teams. The submission was well received and while we acknowledge changes take time, we are grateful for the positive reception from all Council representatives. Queensland Local Government Areas vary in their requirements for registering an Assistance Dog. Some acknowledge both the DDA 1992 and the GHAD 2009, others present challenges to none GHAD Teams. We are prepared to support our Teams where ever needed. Hopefully more Councils will be as supportive as the Brisbane City Council and others are to DDA1992 certified teams in the future.

Our excited representatives and their dogs meeting with Toowoomba Council staff (Dec 2021)

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