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PAWsome Assistance Dogs will hold both closed Handler, and open Public Meetings throughout 2022.  Interviews with prospective Handlers are by arrangement only. All prospective Handlers are to download the Inquiry Application Questionnaire and follow the instructions regarding emailing the completed form back to the association. You can find the information and Inquiry Application Questionnaire in the Forms sub-menu. New inquiries may not attend an open meeting without completing this questionnaire and having a phone interview. Please allow 5 to 15 working days for a response to new inquiries.


Open Public Meetings are held in :

1. Toowoomba, in Queens Park near the Sensory Playground

2. Brisbane, locations to be advised

3. Sunshine Coast, locations to be advised

In 2022, open Public Meetings will be held on the following dates :

Toowoomba - 12 March, 14 May, 9 July, 10 September and 8 October.

Brisbane - 6 March, 1 May, 3 July, 11 September and 2 October.

Sunshine Coast - 3 March, 5 May, 7 July, 1 September and 6 October.

Please visit the PAWsome Assistance Dogs Facebook site for the latest information regarding venues and times.


If you wish to bring a dog to be assessed at these meetings please contact the Secretary beforehand. Dogs must be vaccinated, and cleared by the vet to be in contact with other dogs. Puppies must be carried, and not be placed on the ground, or have physical contact with other PAD Dogs until they have received their full vaccinations. 


Contact the Secretary via

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