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Puppy Chin Scratch

PAWsome Assistance Dogs

PAWsome Assistance Dogs 

"Supporting quality of Life, through Handler teamwork. 

Mission Statement –


To provide Affiliate, Registered Self Training Assistance Dog Handler Teams with -

  • organisational registration and support, including

  • training assessment and advice; and 

  • access testing and standards verification

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PAWsome Assistance Dogs holds regular events in Brisbane and Toowoomba, and on the Coasts,  for socialisation and team building, as well as for Public Awareness and inquiries.


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"I needed a Hand, and found a Paw"


PAWsome Assistance Teams have varying medical needs, and their dogs come in all shapes and sizes. The Breed chosen depends on the need of each Handler. Every dog is measured the same, when it comes to their big hearts and unconditional love and support.

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PAWsome Assistance Dogs has a diversity of Handlers, in age, needs, and dog types.

Our Vision


To provide for those who meet the PAD requirements, an inclusive association and environment, in which to thrive with the support of their Assistance Dog.

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